We are excited to continue to grow our rental fleet and offer different and unique types of equipment to help you get your projects done quickly and more efficiently.

The newest equipment that we added to our rental fleet is the Equipter RB4000. This is a self-propelled trailer with a scissor lift mechanism, so it can lift the trailer up to 12 feet high. These were designed as roofing trailers to replace lots of tarps, plywood, and the manual labor of cleaning up after a re-roofing project. Your workers can drop shingles, nails, etc. into the trailer instead of pushing it off the roof onto the ground. Once the container is full, you can drive the trailer to a dumpster or to your truck to haul it to be dumped.

The Equipter RB4000 can also be used to lift heavy tools or lift material to the roof. You can haul your materials and quickly get them to the second story of your project, saving time and money.

Check out these image showing just some of the uses for the RB4000.