There are several companies that manufacture scissor lifts in the United States. Some of the most common brands are Genie, JLG, and Skyjack. Each company has its unique strengths in their different types of lifts and models.

JLG, Genie, and SkyJack have different label schemes for their electric scissor lift models. In other words, a 19 foot lift may be referenced to in several different ways.

Want A Lift Rental’s rental fleet includes the following JLG electric scissor lift models: 1930ES, 2030ES, 2630ES, 2646ES, 3246ES, and 4069ES. The first number represents the maximum platform height of the lift while the second number represents the width of the lift. For example, a 1930ES has a raised platform height of roughly 19 feet and a width of 30 inches. The 30 inch width allows the machine to fit through most doorways.

Genie uses the same scheme for labeling their electric scissor lifts, however SkyJack does not. As an example, a SkyJack SJIII3220 electric scissor lift has a raised platform height of 20 feet and a width of 32 inches. In other words, SkyJack’s model labels are the exact opposite of JLG’s and Genie’s.

As mentioned earlier, here at Want A Lift Rental, the electric scissor lifts in our rental fleet are JLG models. JLG’s electric scissor lifts are designed so operators have a quieter work area and less dependent on hydraulic oil and zero emissions. With only two hoses and four fittings, you will be working with a cleaner machine that reduces the chance for leaks.